Thursday, October 31, 2019

Social and Professional Issues in Information Technology Assignment

Social and Professional Issues in Information Technology - Assignment Example The second discussion board I joined was for the purpose of networking and sharing out on general issues of life. According to Edutopia, discussion boards are important in reflection, critical thinking, and demonstration of knowledge (â€Å"TeacherStream,† 2009). Moreover, discussion boards are full of exciting, interactive, and educative sessions. Through discussion boards, I was up to date with the worldly news because at some forums those were some of the issues discussed. In addition, discussion board increased my academic knowledge because one of the discussion boards I joined, the forum majored on important professional issues in computer and technology field. Thus as Sahu indicates discussion boards are forums meant to enrich learners with more academic skills in all type of fields (2008). Hence, increase of knowledge was part of the amazing experience I had in a discussion board. Therefore, technology is the simplest method used in converging different countries in different continents in single setting. For that reason, technology even became a more exciting field to me, the people of the online community are informative, and open minded hence challenged me to be with such values in the natural world. As a result, the informative, m ind blowing and problem solving sessions are some of the features will make me use the site again. â€Å"TeacherStream.† (2009). Mastering Online Discusion Board Facilitation. Resource Guide. Retrieved from (2013 September). Discussion Boards. Centre for Academic Development. Retrieved from

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