Sunday, October 20, 2019

Anaylsis of a Sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards told congregation of Enfield, Connecticut in 1741, who wanted to turn people who thought they were too much to Christianity. Edwards creates scores using different metaphorical language strategies to capture the emotional aspects of the audience. By using various styles to scare his audience, Edwards' sermon, powerful words bring good results. Obviously, people rely on God to keep them away from hell. Your evil makes you heavy like a collar, and makes you go to hell with great weight and pressure. In his sermon Sinner in the wrath of God, Jonathan Edwards wrote to his audience and those who read the sermon in the form of a booklet - later they are sinners, sentenced to hell It was convinced that it would be done. As long as they rely on Christ and believe that his grace will be saved. Amazingly, most of the sermons of Edwards are not eternal condemnation, but about the love of God. Nevertheless, this sermon has become an integral part of his religious heritage in the United States. In American early history and literary research, college students often encounter sinners in angry god 's hands. This is usually a quick work between Salem Magic Trial and American Revolution. The sermon of Calvinist theology is drawn with an angry god hanging people in the holes of hell, so you can feel the strangeness of modern American emotions. This article reexamined the sermon of Jonathan Edwards' sinners in the hands of angry gods. There are two main goals. First, studying this sermon should give a clearer understanding of the nature of the god of Edward. That preaching states that God is angry, and that his anger is specifically directed to sinners, but you can not ignore the sacred attributes of another wonderful class that Edwards emphasizes. His grace, compassion, compassion, patience, and love. Edwards believes that this is because of the grace of God that calls pure happiness, and the sinner has not been destroyed yet, but appeals to respond to the audie nce, not the god who prefers to destroy sinners. God's grace for faith and repentance. The God of Edwards is an angry god who exactly hates sin and sinners

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