Friday, October 18, 2019

Business Management Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business Management Systems - Essay Example Job functions will vary from research to production, from marketing to finance and personnel management. As there will be a lot of cross functional activities, unambiguous communication is very much needed in between these division and functional roles. Conflicts are very much probable in a scenario of cross functional activities. Disagreement can happen in a situation where the functional goals would overlap each other. Performance and productivity can go on toss in a disapproving situation. There can be many reasons for conflicts but opaque communication is the foremost one. For an example in a cross functional scenario employees may have to report o two bosses; one from the product department and other from the functional department. Power struggle, resource scarcity and ambiguity regarding the authority can very well be the reasons of an undesirable situation. In such a scenario communication is of utmost importance. Clear communication and discussion can remove the disagreements and misunderstandings between employees or departments. In any business customers are of utmost magnitude. Communication is very much needed for effective servicing and enhanced product line up. Information system can take different way of communication. A designing and manufacturing house must have the knowledge of the market and customer demands. Many organizations can have their own market research team; some outsource this activity to others. Whatever be the scenario, depending upon the market research report the designing division prepares an outline of the product, i.e. the car. The designing division tries to make the design as per the market demand; but for this they are mostly dependent on their research and development team. A new innovation takes place in that division. For a new product after the designing is done, it passes on the specification to

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