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The West in Film free essay sample

Compares films depictions of West, values, gunfighting, 19th Cent. town life, directors messages styles. My Darling Clementine ( John Ford ) High Noon ( Fred Zinnemann ) John Fords My Darling Clementine (1946) includes historical characters and historical events, while Fred Zinnemanns High Noon (1952) is more a generic Western with an interesting slant on the history of the time in which the film was made. At heart, both films are about a clash between good and evil that ends with a gunfight in the street, with the forces of law against the representatives of disorder. While this may be a timeless battle repeated endlessly in filmsnot only Westerns, but certainly in the Western genre time and time againhow this battle is treated in the two films shows a very different view of the social order, of the role of the hero, and of the meaning of the battle itself. Ford takes a much more traditional view of his hero, Wyatt Earp, and he treats that character in the heroic mold even though the historical character and his brothers were not as admirable as

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Voiced vs. Voiceless Consonants

Voiced vs. Voiceless Consonants Phoneticists (who study the sound of the human voice) divide consonants into two types: voiced and voiceless. Voiced consonants require the use of the vocal cords to produce their signature sounds; voiceless consonants do not. Both types use the breath, lips, teeth, and upper palate to further modify speech. This guide presents the differences between voiced and voiceless consonants and gives you some tips for using them. ThoughtCo / Jaime Knoth Voiced Consonants Your vocal cords, which are actually mucous membranes, stretch across the larynx at the back of the throat. By tightening and relaxing as you speak, the vocal cords modulate the flow of breath expelled from the lungs. An easy way to determine whether a consonant is voiced or not is to place a finger on your throat. As you pronounce a letter, feel the vibration of your vocal cords. If you feel a vibration the consonant is a voiced one. These are the voiced consonants: B, D, G, J, L, M, N, Ng, R, Sz, Th  (as in the word then), V, W, Y, and Z. But if consonants are only single letters, what are Ng, Sz, and Th? Theyre common sounds that are produced by blending the two consonants phonetically. Here are some examples of words that include voiced consonants: traveledglovesshellsstartedchangedwheelsliveddreamsexchangedglobesphoneslistenedorganized Voiceless Consonants Voiceless consonants do not use the vocal cords to produce their hard, percussive sounds. Instead, theyre slack, allowing air to flow freely from the lungs to the mouth, where the tongue, teeth, and lips engage to modulate the sound. These are the voiceless consonants: Ch, F, K, P, S, Sh, T, and Th  (as in thing). Common words using them include: washedcoatswatchedbooksseatsdroppedcarts Vowels Vowel sounds (A, E, I, O, U) and diphthongs  (combinations of two vowel sounds) are all voiced. That also includes the letter Y when pronounced like a long E. Examples: city, pity, gritty. Changing Voice When consonants are put in groups, they can change the vocal quality of the consonant that follows. A great example is the past simple form of regular verbs. You can recognize these verbs because they end in ed. However, the consonant sound of this ending can change from voiced to voiceless, depending on the consonant or vowel that precedes it. In almost all cases, the E is silent. Here are the rules: If the ed is preceded by a voiceless consonant such as K, it should be pronounced as a voiceless T. Examples: parked, barked, markedIf the ed is preceded by a voiced consonant sound such as B or V, it should be pronounced as a voiced D. Examples: robbed, thrived, shovedIf the ed is preceded by a vowel sound, it should be pronounced as a voiced D  because vowels are always voiced. Examples: freed, fried, liedException: If the ed is preceded by T, it should be pronounced a voiced id sound. In this case, the e is pronounced. Examples: dotted, rotted, plotted This pattern can also be found with plural forms. If the consonant preceding the S is voiced, the S will be pronounced phonetically as a Z. Examples: chairs, machines, bags If the consonant preceding the S is voiceless, then the S also will be pronounced as a voiceless consonant. Examples: bats, parks, pipes. Connected Speech When speaking in sentences, the ending consonant sounds can change based on the following words. This is often referred to as connected speech. Here is an example of a change from a voiced B in the word club to a voiceless P because of the voiced T in to of the following word: We went to the club to meet some friends. Here is an example of a change from a voiced D past simple verb changed to voiceless T: We played tennis yesterday afternoon.

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HIV Uses Trojan Horse Method to Infect Cells

HIV Uses Trojan Horse Method to Infect Cells Like all viruses, HIV is not able to reproduce or express its genes without the help of a living cell. First, the virus must be able to successfully infect a cell. To do so, HIV uses a veil of human proteins in a Trojan horse manner to infect immune cells. To go from cell to cell, HIV is packaged in an envelope or capsid made from viral proteins and proteins from human cell membranes. Like the Ebola virus, HIV relies on proteins from human cell membranes to gain entrance into a cell. In fact, Johns Hopkins scientists have identified 25 human proteins that have been incorporated into the HIV-1 virus and aid its ability to infect other body cells. Once inside a cell, HIV uses the cells ribosomes and other components to make viral proteins and to replicate. When new virus particles are formed, they emerge from the infected cell cloaked in a membrane and proteins from the infected cell. This helps the virus particles avoid immune system detection. What Is HIV? HIV is the virus that causes the disease known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. HIV destroys cells of the immune system, making an individual infected with the virus less equipped to fight off infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), this virus may be transmitted when infected blood, semen, or vaginal secretions come in contact with an uninfected persons broken skin or mucous membranes. There are two types of HIV, HIV-1, and HIV-2. HIV-1 infections have mostly occurred in the United States and Europe, while HIV-2 infections are more prominent in West Africa. How HIV Destroys Immune Cells While HIV may infect different cells throughout the body, it attacks white blood cells called T cell lymphocytes and macrophages in particular. HIV destroys T cells by triggering a signal that results in T cell death. When HIV replicates within a cell, viral genes get inserted into the genes of the host cell. Once HIV integrates its genes into T cell DNA, an enzyme (DNA-PK) uncharacteristically sets off a sequence that leads to the death of the T cell. The virus thereby destroys the cells that play a major role in the bodys defense against infectious agents. Unlike T cell infection, HIV infection of macrophages is less likely to lead to macrophage cell death. As a result, infected macrophages produce HIV particles for a longer period of time. Since macrophages are found in every organ system, they can transport the virus to various sites in the body. HIV-infected macrophages may also destroy T cells by releasing toxins that cause nearby T cells to undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death. Engineering HIV-Resistant Cells Scientists are attempting to develop new methods for fighting HIV and AIDS. Stanford University School of Medicine researchers has genetically engineered T cells to be resistant to HIV infection. They accomplished this by inserting HIV-resistant genes into the T-cell genome. These genes successfully blocked the entry of the virus into the altered T cells. According to researcher Matthew Porteus, We inactivated one of the receptors that HIV uses to gain entry and added new genes to protect against HIV, so we have multiple layers of protection what we call stacking. We can use this strategy to make cells that are resistant to both major types of HIV. If it is shown that this approach to treating HIV infection could be used as a new type of gene therapy, this method could potentially replace current drug therapy treatment. This type of gene therapy would not cure HIV infection  but would provide a source of resistant T cells that could stabilize the immune system and prevent the deve lopment of AIDS. Sources: NIH/National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Scientists discover how HIV kills immune cells; Findings have implications for HIV treatment. ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 5 June 2013. ( G. and Kumar A. The macrophage: a therapeutic target in HIV-1 infection. Molecular and Cellular Therapies. Published 2 April 2014. ( University Medical Center. Immune cells engineered in lab to resist HIV infection, study shows. ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 22 January 2013. (

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Explain why liberal economic theory, policy and institutions are so Essay

Explain why liberal economic theory, policy and institutions are so dominant today. Is this good for business and for society - Essay Example In addition to this, it has been slowly been assimilated by other states that have seen the need to adopt to it while others have been dictated to adopt the idea. For instance, the third world countries which depend mostly on financial assistance from the West have been forced to strictly follow this policy through the World Bank or even the IMF. Despite the policy having competition from states that prefer socialism to capitalism, it has continued to dominate the business world especially after the collapse of the socialism era (Barry 1993). How the policies of liberal business have managed to dominate in business up-to-date For many years, the liberal form of economy has been dominating the business world. Furthermore, updating of the classical liberal economy to the now neo liberalism has contributed numerous terms of dominating the business empire. For instance, it has played a vital role in the economic policy making in US and the UK, dominated economic policymaking in the US an d the UK. Although the theory has faced numerous oppositions in the business world, it has continued to dominate some parts of the world in its own way. A good example is the third world countries have been forced to adopt the liberal policies through organizations like the IMF and the World Bank (Jason 2005). There was a comeback in the old religion of classical liberalism, through academic economics, and then in the real field of public policy. The neo-liberalism has been clearly viewed as an economic theory, as well as, a platform of policy making. Due to its capitalism nature, the market is free for individual choices that are able to meet the ultimate goals of economic success together with its distributional procedures (Barry 1993). In most cases, the state has very little command in terms of property rights, law enforcement, and limiting the amount of profit an individual or company has made. For this reason, a state cannot act as a mediator because of mistrust amongst the bu siness partners. The policy on liberal economic theory is mainly based on the regulation of welfare state whereby, there is privatization of public assets, tax regulation, and business regulation. Additionally, this it has embraced the investing class too. Internationally, liberalism encourages liberated transit of goods and services across the borders globally (Andrew 2008). The policy has been a success by ensuring that different corporations, individual investors, as well as, the banks are free to transact any form of business without being limited by the boundaries of a state despite such action being not part of the liberalism policy. In 1970s, economist viewed the liberal theory as just a temporal solution towards the economic in stability at that time. This is because the key Asian regulations’ policies never solved their solutions at that particular moment. The only possible solution was to shift their attention to the liberal policies, which was their only way out to counter the obstacles that hindered them from making any substantial profit (Andrew 2008). However, the policy proved to be adoptive on a more permanent basis rather than being a temporal solution. Such policies have made it possible for the likes of politicians such as Margret Thatcher of the UK and her US counterpart Ronald Reagan to be on the map of success under their parties’ administration in 1990s hence solidifying its dominating ground in the economic world (Sawyer and

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Technical communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Technical communication - Essay Example Therefore, the statement about the ease of operation should be changed, along with the drawing, so that the two agree in the assumption of this reasonable â€Å"fitness for a particular purpose† (Product, 2009). Ethical Case: In this case, the DMX-450 ® is advertised as a product that â€Å"makes downloading large email files almost instant. You’ll no longer have to wait for large file scans.† The ethical breach that has occurred here is that the content violates the reader’s assumptions of fact based and rational explanation of the product. Instead, the DMX is being advertised as operating at a speed that is impossible, or approaching impossible; it is not an objective or fact-based description of what the software is capable of (such as a specific baud rate or downloading speed). I would tell the co-worker that s/he should trust their consumer more, and stop trying to talk down to them with lofty exaggerations; I would advise them to simply tell the consumer about the product, rather than boasting, to make a better ethical impression. This way, the consumer will feel more secure and trusting about the company’s

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Eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free Essay Example for Free

Eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free Essay Dont have the budget for solid-wood kitchen cabinets, but still want to avoid VOC emissions? Youre in luck. In recognition of the new school year, heres a pop quiz: What do mussels those delectable morsels from the sea best served in a white wine sauce and plywood have in common? Cant see the connection? Read on! Unless you, like some mussels, have been living under a rock, you will be aware of the growing hullabaloo about VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and how we dont want to be breathing them in. The bad news is, if youve had non-solid wood kitchen cabinets installed recently or purchased furniture made of composite wood products, you may be doing just that. But theres also good news. Governments and manufacturers have heard the ruckus about VOCs and taken action and, just when you thought you had all the possible options for kitchen cabinet materials nailed, out they come with new ones to confuse everyone. Hence this primer to bring you up to speed and make sense of it all. It used to be that consumers had two extremes to choose from when they shopped for kitchen cabinets. The lower-cost options were cabinet components made of either particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or plywood. These are all composite wood-panel products traditionally containing glues that, when they come to room temperature, emit VOCs in the form of potentially carcinogenic urea formaldehyde (UF). At the other end of the price extreme was solid wood, which doesnt have this problem but costs more. Many contractors still tell clients that their choices are either/or, and urge them to go for the higher-priced wood for various reasons. Luckily for consumers who dont have the budget for a solid-wood kitchen but who want to avoid VOC emissions, this all changed about three years ago, says David Beattie of Rayette Forest Products, based in Concord, Ont. That was when Oregon-based Columbia Forest Products introduced PureBond, which Mr. Beattie describes as a veneer core hardwood plywood made with glue containing zero UF. This plywood, whose layers are joined by a soy flour-based glue, is one of a growing number of alternatives to products in which UF-emitting glues are used. It was introduced by Columbia ahead of new industry standards in the United States the toughest there to date set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The story behind PureBond and this is where the mussels come in is rather romantic, although romance isnt something youd normally associate with plywo od either. It seems that an Oregon State University researcher was vacationing along the Pacific Ocean. While sitting on the beach watching the waves pound the shoreline, he noticed clumps of mussels clinging to the rocks. No amount of battering surf could dislodge them. What are they secreting, he wondered, that allows them to adhere to the rocks so solidly? In short, research into those secretions led to the soybean-based, zero-UF glue used in PureBond plywood. Columbia Forest Products says using PureBond is cost-neutral when compared with its former UF-emitting panel products. Thats despite the large expenditures the company says it has made to develop the product. This is an important development, romantic beginnings aside, because, according to CARB findings, The most significant source of (UF) emissions we face on a daily basis comes from the composite woods in our furnishings and cabinetry. At this stage, the glues that work in zero-UF plywood arent being used for particleboard or MDF. Some sources say these adhesives simply dont work with those materials, which have different natures than plywood. But there is something called no added UF particleboard, as well as a kind of MDF whose emissions are in the acceptable range. Look for a particleboard called SkyBlend developed by Oregon-based Roseburg Forest Products and made with recycled and sustainable raw materials, and Arreis MDF, made by SierraPine, which is based in California. Both SkyBlend and Arreis are considered green building products that meet North American VOC-emissions standards. They, and PureBond, are readily available in Canada. With this kind of progress in the wood-products industry, Rayettes Mr. Beattie predicts it wont be long before all composite wood materials are formaldehyde free. If youre in the market for new kitchen cabinetry and your budget wont cover solid wood models, discuss your material options with your contractor. Its important to ensure that hes up to speed on the latest technology and knows what your preferences are. Most general contractors have preferred cabinet suppliers. Find out if those suppliers offer a zero or low UF-emitting panel product. If your contractor still thinks there are only the two extremes to choose from, tell him about the mussels. I know that not everyone is up in arms about UF emissions. Even if you arent, however, I still urge you to find out where your contractors cabinet supplier buys his composite wood products. If theyre coming from certain Third World countries, you could be getting third-rate quality along with those high UF levels. Some contractors will go the foreign route because its cheaper even though those materials often dont meet our more stringent Canadian and North American standards. Canadian materials can cost more than those made in Third World countries. For example, in an average-sized kitchen, using Canadian-produced panel materials is about $500 more expensive than if you went with the Third World products. Still, its not that big of a premium when you consider the benefits of buying Canadian: zero to low UF emissions, and the fact that youre supporting our economy, our workers and our renewable forestry practices. Im not even going to get into the whole human rights thing. As a friend of mine says, when it comes to buying Canadian and going as green as we can, Its all good.

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Essay --

GEC ENGLISH CURRICULUM GUIDE & LESSON PLANS How to Use this Curriculum Guide This series of lessons and resources builds upon the Uganda English Language Curriculum of lower and upper primary Uganda syllabi. It offers students an opportunity to use critical thinking and challenges them to become more fluent in English. Emphasis and practice is centered on the receptive and productive skills of Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. In each lesson, students will practice the four skills for English fluency - Speaking (S), Writing (W), Reading (R) and Listening (L).Depending on individual learning needs of girls, each day, learning facilitators may concentrate on a different fluency rather than giving nearly equal time to each fluency. Where necessary, all skills can be given equal time. Learning activities should also be enhanced to be more difficulty or reduced for beginners. In addition, learning facilitators will see â€Å"facilitator’s choice† in some categories in the overview. This means the facilitator can assign homework or out of cl ass activities to address a given fluency or they can add an activity during class time that addresses the desired fluency. The facilitator is given flexibility based on the needs of the class. Resources needed for each lesson included in the folders for each week. The units integrate a variety of topics and current events so students are using English in contexts that apply to them. The lessons also address multiple learning styles to appeal to and engage a variety of learners. For reference purposes and more practice for the learners, English language set books 1-3 should be utilized. Individual learning is integral to the lessons in this unit and every learner in the CLC is expect... ...s with your co-teachers as they accomplish the tasks. 5. Assign practice and extension activities to learners from worksheets and practical English Ogundipe text. Homework: Facilitator’s choice. WEEK 5 Lesson objectives By the end of the week students should be able to; †¢ Apply words of quantity in their compositions and discussions. †¢ Use the different types of sentences in their writing. †¢ Identify and apply a variety of punctuation in their work. Teacher Prep: Be familiar with words of quantity and more punctuation marks. Materials: ï‚ § Notes & Worksheets on words of quantity. ï‚ § Practical English Ogundipe Bks 1-3 ï‚ § White board and markers. ï‚ § English language dictionaries. Procedures: 1 Begin this lesson by asking students to complete a writing task. Select according to students’ levels and abilities from the folder ELS Lower Secondary multiple tasks. 2 â€Æ'

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Bylli All’s Five Year Career Development Plan Essay

As I am currently the president and CEO of J-R Equipment, my career is where I always thought it would be. I was chosen by my mother to head this 50 year-old family business. My sole endeavor is to have it continue for another 50 years. More specifically, over the next five years my goal and base objective will be to rebuild J-R Equipment Rental into an efficient, consistently profitable organization which many families are supported with its growth. Heinz Weihrich (2007) writes, â€Å"Career plans are built on uncertainty; the future cannot be predicted with accuracy. Consequently, contingency plans based on alternative sets of assumptions should be prepared.† My personal plan will be an ongoing proactive plan with annual reassessments periodically (Wagner, 2010). My objective is to incorporate new technology and old fashioned know how to make ours the best rental company in the area. Goals and Objectives J-R Equipment will remain in our family for generations to come with proper management and development. The initial objective in any business is to be profitable. Years ago this company was run by a much larger staff, thus giving the opportunity of time to oversee things properly. This is my personal goal. When this plan is successfully put into practice, a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that my mother made the correct choice will be satisfaction enough. I do not foresee my compensation or benefits package changing during or after this time. The following current specific goals and objectives are vital to the plan to be a success. This list cannot consider unknown or unforeseen actions. 1. Conduct a complete job analysis on each area within the company. 2. Construct a thorough job description for each job analysis. 3. Work to organize the jobs better to be done so that employees are making good use of their talents to better serve the company’s goals. 4. Review pay scales and update if warranted, this should be done annually. 5. Review benefits package, e.g. Health Insurance, IRA, Life Insurance 6. Annually update the Employee Handbook and new hire package. 7. Streamline the rental process so that customers can shorten the time they are required to spend in the office on paperwork. 8. Educate employees who will utilize the computer system’s available tools. 9. Work to make the equipment inventory more reliable in terms of contracts and status of equipment. 10. Update processes and protocols within the company. 11. Review our service call procedures and update as needed. Job Satisfaction and Attributes There is a great deal of satisfaction in a job well-done. Knowing that my efforts are useful and usable is more than adequate to me. The typical attributes of job satisfaction is motivation and productivity. When an employee is satisfied with his or her job the employee will almost naturally be excited and motivated, thus increasing productivity. I am no exception to this rule. Compensation and Benefits Currently my compensation and benefits are as high as they can be for the company. In the near future I plan to include a key individual life insurance plan to my list of benefits. This life insurance plan would pay the company as the beneficiary to offset costs pertaining to hiring and promoting individuals in the event of my death. Most organizations have at least one employee who is fundamental to the continued success of the business. It could be the owner, manager, or someone with a high level of experience, the loss or death of that person certainly would cause an upset both productively and financially to the company. This insurance benefit could be used to pay off debt, recruit new personnel, or any other useful tool needed to grow the business. Competencies For any business today and subsequently its managers to remain competitive, certain technologies must be utilized so that employees, management, and customers can communicate and conduct business in a simple yet proficient manner. Our computer system was upgraded just last year so I would believe that this system could easily carry us through this plan with regular updates. There are add-ons to the system that could be better utilized. In addition, certain competencies are required to fulfill the position of president and CEO in an effective manner. Competence defined is a gathering of functionality, involving skills, knowledge, and personal attributes, which, combined, establish successful achievement of activity (AdomaitienÄâ€", ZubrickienÄâ€", 2010). Adomaitiene and Zubrickiene also write that competencies and job experiences become a condition of personal clarity. The following competencies are required to grow as a manager/owner and thus have the company grow as well. An effective CEO must have the ability to understand, empathize, and assist in each area or department within the company to recognize its connection to other departments. I. Every employee has a role to play in the efficient function of the company, the awareness of each person and their role is a key component in success. II. A working knowledge of the company’s front office or rental software and its capabilities are vital to daily operations. III. A working knowledge of the back office systems and their functionality will prove essential for financial recommendations. Job Experiences Fortunately, my current experience level with each department is such that I feel as though I am a step ahead already in my plan. These experiences allow me the confidence to discuss any changes that may be initiated to improve the company. Continued access to the departments and their functions will help to keep my competencies up to date. Training and Education Training and education are an indispensable part of any plan’s success. The educational background I have will be sufficient to begin this process; however the complete plan will require additional education and a personal in-depth assessment of my own personal strengths, weaknesses, and a thorough knowledge of what items will need adjustment are the first necessary step. My education with University of Phoenix and continued work experience help to complete my understanding of the business process and the functionality of this knowledge. J-R Equipment’s Role J-R Equipment’s responsibility is simply to comply with the recommendations made. The department managers will prove essential in the process. Open forms of communication are crucial to the success of our plan and subsequently our company. Regular meetings will be held to mark the successful procession of the plan. Plan Timeline Year One:1.All job analyses and descriptions are complete. 2.Begin working with other managers to formulate ideas for streamlining. 3.Set schedules for employee training on the computer system. 4.Update Employee Handbook. 5.Begin inventory analysis with equipment not available for rental. Year Two:1.Reorganize employees to better suit their skills and talents. 2.Review pay scales of all employees to make certain current state legislation is upheld. 3.Begin review of benefits packages. 4.Continue gathering ideas for streamlining. 5.Revise/implement training schedules. 6.Update Employee Handbook. 7.Continue inventory analysis with spot check inventory reconciliation. Year Three:1.Complete review of benefits packages. 2.Update Employee Handbook and new hire package. 3.Continue inventory analysis. 4.Begin to put into effect ideas for streamlining the rental process. 5.Review pay scales of all employees Year Four:1.Update/review streamlining processes. 2.Update Employee Handbook and new hire package 3.Continue ongoing inventory analysis. 4.Review pay scales Year Five:1.All processes should be completed 2.Review new processes for functionality 3.Review needs for additional training. 4.Review pay scales and benefits packages 5.Update Employee handbook. 6.Formulate a Mentoring Program Mentoring A mentoring program can be formal or informal. The informal plans offer much more than the formal plans. Informal programs are more driven simply because both parties are motivated, and the relationship would be more relaxed and without boundaries (Chao, 2009). Formal programs are certainly more rigid, more structured, and more visible. Currently there is no formatted mentoring program in place even though I was mentored without even knowing it. I do however intend to formulate a program by the end of the five year period. This is largely dependent on employee and family growth within the business. There are several candidates currently that will be given the opportunity for experiential growth to a higher level of responsibility. The program itself will need to address the ever-changing working world and its part in an individual’s life (Patton, McIlveen, 2008). Conclusion A career development plan has been difficult to prepare. My career has almost always been J-R Equipment. I have been raised here and groomed for this business and am thankful for that education. I and my siblings were raised in this business, my children were raised in this business, and now my grandchildren are being raised here. I could not be more proud or motivated for our continued success. References AdomaitienÄâ€", J., & ZubrickienÄâ€", I. (2010). Career Competences and Importance of Their Development in Planning of Career Perspective. Bridges / Tiltai, 53(4), 87-99. Chao, G. T. (2009). Formal mentoring: Lessons learned from past practice. Professional Psychology: Research And Practice, 40(3), 314-320. doi:10.1037/a0012658 Morgan, M. (2011). Building Personal Equity. Strategic Finance, 93(6), 16-61. Patton, W. (2009). Practice and Research in Career Counseling and Development— 2008. Career Development Quarterly, 58(2), 118. The Value of Key-Person Life Insurance. Retrieved from

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Boundaries Between Teachingrole and Other Professional Bodies

Explains the boundaries between the teaching role and other professioinal roles and own responsibilities in relation to other professionals. (2. 1 & 2. 2) Within this assignment i will explain what i believe the roles and responsibilities of a teacher and possible boundaries which i may come up against. Where possible I will link it to my own personal experiencesand knowledge. I will attempt to describe teaching roles both related and non related as much as i can, i will also make references to the 6 areas contained within the professional standards for teachers tutors and trainers in the life long learning ector and also to the teaching and learning cycle. I believe further education teaching can be split into two sections,a teachers role and the teacher related roles. From my experience teaching roles will be taken on by assessors and Tutors where as the teacher related roles will mainly be handled by administration staff, and senior management. A teachers role can be referred to a s â€Å"a role which contains limitied teaching responsibilities and a role which represents the full range of responsibilities performed by those who are expected to attain the status of a qualified teacher† In my opinion the esponsibility of a teacher/tutor isto nurture any person from someone who knows nothing about the trade and turning them into someone who has both the practicaland theoretical skills to be a bricklayer with a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 3 atthe end of their apprenticeship. But the responsibility of staff who occupy the teacher related role will be taking care of things like filing,ensuring paperwork is upto date and correct thus complying with the data protection act 1998,and making sure there are no complications with regards toplacements/funding for learners.Entry Requirements a teacher/trainer will be required to work a range of information sources Therefore,during the selection process you may be required to undertake an initial as sessment in Numeracy and an initial assessment in Literacy. To be accepted onto an Apprenticeship programme at level 2 you will have to achieve Numeracy Level 1, and Literacy Level 1 to start with. You will also be required to attend an interview, during which your suitability,commitment and interest will be determined. You should bring with you to theinterview any evidence you have of previous academic achievement.You may also wish to present other documentation that supports your application This can include evidence of other activities that you have participated in, sports, hobbies, work experience etc. To me different levels your learners may be at and you can hopefully you can then get a better idea as to what stage you should start your teachings from, These assessments should be continuous throughout the apprenticeship so you can check that learners are progressing in the areas thatthey should be. If not the correct measures can then be put into place to help them catch up wi th others I understand that every eacher/tutor has contractual obligations to abide by in regards to what ever the programme they are teaching, these will be a guideline from your employer but also you have a rather strict code to work to from awarding body such as Constructive Awards Alliance (CAA) or City and Guilds (C&G). Every tutor/teacher will have the same contractual obligations to abide with these but they may vary with your employer as everyone likes to put there own mark on apprenticeshipsThe teacher related roles are to include things like checking all documentation and information on students is orrect and upto date,ensuring students are registered with the correct learning bodies so there are no complications when starting/ completing apprenticeships. Providing statistics/schedules of a learners attendance, achievements,and time keeping. in my opinion many of the teacher/tutor related roles can be under took by either the teacher/tutor or admin staff as there is not a set rule book as to who can do what. Further to this there is the contractual obligation of completing regular assessments and reviews with both learner and employer as it is imperitive the employer knows what stage alearner is at.I shall now try toexplain the roles and responsibilities by reading and extracting information from page 73 /74 of the work booklet. I believe the key purpose of being a teacheris to be able to create a safe, fun yet hard working environment to give all students the oppertunity to excel in there individual learning programme 1)â€Å" Professional values and practice† this explains the values which teachers in the lifelong learning sector should meet or exceed in to achieve their responsibility to me the following value shows how a teacher has the responsibility to ensure all earners are learning as a whole thus ensuring all are learning at the same pace knowing all they need to know to succeed. 2)â€Å"learning and teaching† to me there are s o many different responsibilities with regards to learning and teaching forexample progression, development, goals and aspirations of all which will endeavour to enhance the experiences they bring to learning. 3) â€Å"specialist learning and teaching† when completing an Apprenticeship a strict framework is to be adhered to, we as teachers must ensure all aspects of the framework are to be covered and to chieve this I believe I must ensure I am upto date with the current teachings in my trade in order to be current and thus making up part of my continous planned development 4) â€Å"planning for learning† which to me is an imperitive part of teaching which in my profession is very important as one wrong learning or misunderstanding can lead to serious harm or even death but I understand that these teachings may require special attention to detail and covering equality and diversity effectively 5) â€Å"assessment for learning† I believe you must be willing to ca rry out consecutive assessments so as o see where learners are and where they should/ could be in future months thus ensuring everyone within the organisation can see the progress of students 6) â€Å" access and progression† this to me says we must have sufficient information and advice/ guidance to support a learners needs and also make learners aware of various in house services which may be available to them summarising: I believe there are many factors which lead to being a successful teacher, you need to be a very broad minded and self sufficient person, who needs to be patient and understanding to hatever task/obstacle is put in front of them you need to be aware of constantly changing rules, regulations and criteria surrounding your specialist subject. You need to be honest, have a positive mental attitude and have very high expectations of your learners,but also need to be aware that there are going to be students who need the extra help and support from you to compl ete the course. I need to be able to provide easy yet still challenging lesson plans. As a good teacher I need to make myself very approachable to all who require my attention, this will include learners, ther tutors,office staff and management but also internal and external verifiers. I was always treated with the utmost respect whilst completing my apprenticeship and my tutors were always honest with me, sometimes honest but that gave me reason to believe in what I was doing and made me want to further my skills even more so to impress my tutor but also gain my qualification at the end of my apprenticeship. I understand there may be certain aspects of the courses I’m going to teach which I am going to have to re-teach myself so students will grasp things first time and i’ll have to elive my days as a student to gain all the pros and cons from the way I was taught therefore gaining an understanding of how to make my lessons as effective as they can be. I believe the r ole of teaching requires my personality and character to be the vehicle of knowledge. I know things will be hard and at sometimes baffling but that is what life is all about, knowing what you want and having the will to reach your goal. I believe there are many factors with regards to striving towards being a successful Teacher in my profession but I believe I have everything it takes to succeed.

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The Nun by Denis Diderot essays

The Nun by Denis Diderot essays The Nun was written by Denis Diderot, a Frenchman who was editor for the Encyclopedie and a key figure throughout the Enlightenment period. The Nun is a fictious collection of memoirs by Suzanne Simonin, a young French girl forced into becoming a nun by her parents, specifically her mother. Her memoirs detail the struggles she has with being pushed into the religious life, and the torture she goes through as she tries to escape a life of God. It is a wonderful book showing the struggles of a young woman as she tries to gain her freedom. Diderot not only shows his distaste for the Church Hierarchy, but also the notion of the institution being involved with religion, and human rights and freedoms being taken away from those involved with the church. Diderot shows that convents are not quite, what the public perceives them to be. He shows them as a monarchy led by a supreme ruler (mother superior) and if a nun does not obey, she will be subject to treatment similar to a prisoner of war. When I got back to my cell I felt terrible pains in my feet, I looked down and saw that they were covered in blood from cuts made by bits of glass they had spitefully thrown in my path (110). Suzanne, as much as she despises the ways of the convent, is in actuality a faithful Catholic. She prays often to God and carries out her duties in accordance with the rules of the convent. Suzanne's problems, and also Diderot's problem, is not with the Catholic religion at all, but rather with the hierarchy and the rigid laws created by people, which force others into roles they do want to be in. People perceive convents as places of worship full of saintly figures obeying Gods wishes; Diderot attacks these institutions though and portrays them as vicious p laces that force their will upon young nuns/monks. Although Sister Suzanne is a strong believer in Catholicism and very devoted to God, she is not someone that wants to live her life as a nun. ...

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Ciudadana americana por servir en el Ejrcito de USA

Ciudadana americana por servir en el Ejrcito de USA En reconocimiento al servicio prestado a Estados Unidos, los militares no ciudadanos pueden solicitar la ciudadanà ­a Americana por un procedimiento especial. En realidad, hay dos tipos de caminos, uno el regular, que aplica a casi todos los militares y otro especial para profesionales a travà ©s del MAVNI. Adems, en este artà ­culo se informa sobre quà © extranjeros pueden servir en el Ejà ©rcito y cules son los posibles beneficios migratorios para los familiares inmediatos de militares. Tramitacià ³n regular para militares para adquirir la ciudadanà ­a por naturalizacià ³n El servicio al paà ­s debe haber sido en: Ejà ©rcito de Tierra, Mar, Aire, Marines y Guardia Costera, asà ­ como ciertos miembros del Cuerpo de Reserva y de la Guardia Nacional. Estos son los trmites que se deben realizar: Rellenar el formulario N-400.Permitir que se tomen sus huellas digitales y rellenar el formulario de datos personales B-325B.Proporcionar dos fotografà ­as.Poseer buen carcter moral.Probar conocimientos suficientes del idioma ingles.Aprobar un test sobre conocimientos cà ­vicos e histà ³ricos sobre los Estados Unidos.Y si fueran residentes permanentes legales, proporcionar una copia de la green card. Para cumplimentar estos formularios el Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Naturalizacià ³n (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) ha entrenado a funcionarios para atender especialmente a los militares que pueden llamar al 1-877-CIS-4MIL. Adems, cada instalacià ³n militar cuenta con una persona especialmente designada para ayudar con este proceso a los militares que asà ­ lo deseen. Caracterà ­sticas especiales de la solicitud de ciudadanà ­a para los militares Los militares no tienen que tener presencia fà ­sica o residir en Estados Unidos.No pagan las tarifas por tramitacià ³n del formulario N-400.No pagan la tarifa por tramitacià ³n de formulario de datos personales y huellas digitales B-325B.En determinados periodos designados oficialmente como de hostilidades, los militares pueden solicitar convertirse en ciudadanos por naturalizacià ³n de Estados Unidos aunque no sean residentes permanentes.Desde 2004 es posible solicitar, tramitar, realizar la ceremonia de naturalizacià ³n y jurar lealtad a los Estados Unidos en el extranjero.Es posible recibir la ciudadanà ­a tras haber fallecido cuando militares fallezcan a consecuencia de enfermedades o heridas recibidas durante hostilidades, incluyendo los casos de muerte en combate. La solicitud de la ciudadanà ­a pà ³stuma debe ser solicitada por los familiares directos del difunto en los dos aà ±os siguientes a su fallecimiento. Cundo pueden los militares pedir la naturalizacià ³n Durante tiempo de paz, la solicitud puede presentarse si se es residente permanente, se ha servido con honor al menos por un aà ±o, y se sigue estando active en el Ejà ©rcito o se presenta la peticià ³n dentro de los seis meses siguientes a dejar de prestar servicio. En tiempo de Guerra, cualquier extranjero que sirve en el Ejà ©rcito puede presentar la solicitud para hacerse ciudadano en cualquier momento. Una orden ejecutiva presidencial es la que determina en cada momento si existe o no esta situacià ³n. Procedimiento especial para adquirir la ciudadanà ­a a travà ©s del programa MAVNI Este es un programa que se extiende anualmente y permite a ciertos profesionales que se comprometen con el Ejà ©rcito adquirir la ciudadanà ­a americana de forma muy rpida, frecuentemente en cuestià ³n de apenas unas semanas. Pero,  ¿quà © extranjeros pueden servir en el Ejà ©rcito de los Estados Unidos? En la actualidad, estas son las reglas. Y estas son las especà ­ficas que aplican a las personas extranjeras que residen en USA en situacià ³n migratoria de indocumentadas. Familiares de militares ciudadanos que han fallecido El viudo o viuda, los hijos y los padres de un soldado ciudadano, incluidos los casos de ciudadanà ­as concedidas despuà ©s del fallecimiento, pueden solicitar la ciudadanà ­a Americana para sà ­ mismos. En estos casos, no es necesaria la residencia o presencia fà ­sica en EEUU.  Asimismo, hay que destacar que el viudo o viuda de un militar americano podr solicitar la naturalizacià ³n incluso si se vuelve a casar. Beneficios migratorios para indocumentados Los indocumentados que son familiares inmediatos de soldados, oficiales, reservistas o veteranos podrà ­an beneficiarse del programa conocido como Parole in Place que otorga proteccià ³n frente a la deportacià ³n y es un camino hacia la regularizacià ³n. A tener en cuenta Aunque tradicionalmente la participacià ³n de los hispanos en el Ejà ©rcito ha sido inferior en relacià ³n a su porcentaje en la poblacià ³n estadounidense en general lo cierto es que en las à ºltimas dà ©cadas esta tendencia ha comenzado a cambiar, particularmente entre las mujeres. Y es que en la actualidad aproximadamente el 16 por ciento de los nuevos soldados son hispanos, sin duda atraà ­dos no sà ³lo por la posibilidad de servir a los Estados Unidos sino tambià ©n por los beneficios e incentivos de los que es posible disfrutar. Tener en cuenta que si se toma ventaja e algunos beneficios, como es la obtencià ³n de la ciudadanà ­a por naturalizacià ³n por haber servido en el Ejà ©rcito, à ©sta puede ser revocada si el militar dejar de prestar sus servicios militares en condiciones no honorables y no ha servido con honor al menos un total de cinco aà ±os. Finalmente, haber servido con honor en el Ejà ©rcito es uno de los requisitos que los Dreamers pueden cumplir para solicitar el beneficio de la accià ³n diferida  (DACA), esto para casos antiguos porque en los à ºltimos aà ±os no es posible para indocumentados servir en el Ejà ©rcito, excepto precisamente   los que tienen DACA aprobado. Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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Security Governance Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Security Governance Report - Assignment Example cticed by ISACA will be critically reviewed to identify its limitations as well as strengths, based on its status of implementation at the current scenario. Correspondingly, recommendations will be drawn for the betterment of the policy measures to the intended level. The client base of ISACA is widely distributed among professionals in the information governance sector, in addition with professionals in the controlling, auditing and security fields of various large corporate organizations. It is due to this vividness that securing an effective security system in its IT services has remained crucial in order to attract valuable customers and retain profitability in the long run. The current policy status of the company thus can be observed as substantially effective with due significance to a multidimensional approach and continuous improvements. The enterprise security critique thus reflects the strategic objective of the organization to serve its members around the world with adequate educational and professional development through updated certifications. Correspondingly, the strategies of ISACA have also been developing on a constant basis valuing the participation of a growing membership base of IT professionals. The policy status of the com pany also exhibits the major attention delivered by the company towards anticipating the future needs of the market and developing its strategies on a continuous basis. In accordance, the company currently applies a strategic framework called Strategy 2022 (S22). S22 is noted as an extension to the pre-existing strategy of the company titled Strategy 1, which was introduced in the year 2009 and reframed later in 2012. This particular policy framework is asserted to have a slow evolution process extending over a 10 years horizon, befitting its name S22 (ISACA, 2015). It was with the strategic implementation of S22 that ISACA also emphasized developing its Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT)