Saturday, October 5, 2019

Community Initiatives of Pfizer Company Term Paper

Community Initiatives of Pfizer Company - Term Paper Example Pfizer is among the leaders of the global pharmaceutical markets. It owes its success to the continuous investments in learning and innovation and to the development of sophisticated medical products that meet the changing needs of consumers. Thousands of researchers and professionals in various fields dream of being employed by Pfizer – the company that has proved to be an example of excellent employment opportunities and career prospects. However, Pfizer is not simply a prospective employer but is the company that cares a lot about communities, for which it works. Community programs are among the basic aspects of the company’s corporate performance. Pfizer invests significant resources in the development and implementation of various community program solutions. Although community programs are an essential element of the company’s corporate social responsibility, Pfizer should be more careful with its community program expenses, not to sacrifice other, no less important employment and corporate programs. Pfizer, Inc. is well-known as one of the most prominent leaders of the global pharmaceutical market. Founded in 1849, Pfizer currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and holds its headquarters in New York City. Today, Pfizer employs more than 100,000 people, of which more than 10,000 are medical researchers.1 The company comprises around 70 manufacturing and 50 distribution centers around the world, but the main Pfizer facilities are located in the United States.2 The company operates in almost 200 countries and its net income in 2005 exceeded $8 billion.3 Today, Pfizer is a publicly traded company, and its stakeholders include medical researchers, medical professionals, and individuals. Pfizer operates through the Board of Directors, which comprises 14 members, with 11 of them being independent.4

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