Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Parenting today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Parenting today - Essay Example nal and emotional changes in his life, he is moving towards independence, a concrete thinker and sensitive to criticisms as stated by Military and Life Consultants (n.d.). To understand him more, you must spend more time with each other. Try activities that would enhance your father-son relationship like playing ball games and going outdoors which would not demand a lot of cash. Find time and spend time despite the work schedule. As much as possible, spend your meal time together, Jonathan is the only one you have at this time and you are the only one he has at home. Aside from spending time together, you can teach him responsibility and discipline by setting rules and consequences. However, you must let him participate in setting the rules in the house. Listen to him, this is very much important. Your rules must include him doing homework regularly, observing curfew time, watch up late only allowed during weekends and keeping his room tidy. After setting the rules, set the consequences and make sure that these penalties should be firm and be strictly imposed by you. If rules are not followed, there would be less time on the television, weekend indoors and more chores to be done. These should de firm and non-negotiable. If you see him doing well and becoming responsible and disciplined, do not forget to appreciate what he is doing and give him rewards he deserve. You can also learn how to achieve discipline of Jonathan by visiting and learning through the Positive Discipline site, http://www.positivediscipline.com/. They offer help via books and DVD’s. You can also attend their workshops about teaching parents the positive discipline way. You can see the schedules and venues of their workshops online. This site and their products would be a great help to you and Jonathan. They offer many ways to effectively discipline your child. May this letter provide you thoughts and ways regarding you r problem with Jonathan. I hope to hear many good things in the next few

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