Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mother love

A family that consist of a mother, father and a child. From the moment an expectant mom have a positive pregnancy test, her heart Is overwhelmed with Joy and excitement. That a she is carrying a life In her womb. A life that she have to keep for nine months. That finally she can call her self a mother. That after nine months she will finally carry a child In her own arms.In the span of nine months, every doctors appointment Is excellent. To know If the baby Is doing well. Each milestone Is memorable. From the first time of hearing your baby's voice for the first time thru ultrasound. A heartbeat that pounds so fast. Then sooner you will feel the first movements of the child In your womb. A feeling that someone Is poking your womb from wealth. Sooner, movements are more recognizable that make this stage of pregnancy more exciting.At that stage, the baby an recognize sounds and voices that you can now talk to the baby in you womb. As months pass by, you won't even recognize how time pa ss by. While waiting for the final month and day that you will finally give birth to your child. Everybody is excited from buying clothes for the child and choosing names from simple to complicated ones. And until the final day, the birth of a child gives Joy not only to the mother who carried it for nine months but with the rest of the family.

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