Saturday, March 21, 2020

Charles Schulz essays

Charles Schulz essays Charles Schulz was the cartoonist for the comic strip peanuts. He researched, designed, wrote, and drew every strip that appeared in the daily and Sunday newspapers around the world for almost 50 years. Charles Schulz was born November 26, 1922 in St. Paul Minnesota. His father was a barber and struggled to make enough money. Early on he knew that he had talent for drawing because he could draw better than his older cousin. His teachers kept telling him that he was going to be an artist. He said that he was born to draw comic strips. My ambition from earliest memory was to produce a daily comic strip, said Schulz. Even though his family did not have a lot of money they still found a way to enroll Charles in a correspondence course in cartooning. The school is now called the Art Instruction Schools, Inc. in Minneapolis. As a student, Schulz struggled through the program because he was shy and insecure. He submitted his coursework by mail instead of in person. He received a C+, at the art school, in the Drawing of Children. Schulzs mother, Dena, was diagnosed with cancer at about the same time he was going to school. The whole family from their nice home to an apartment above a drug store. Eventually Schulz finished his correspondence courses in cartooning and tried to sell his cartoons. Before he could successfully sell any of them, he was drafted into World War II. Within days of being drafted, his mother passed away. Charles Schulz said that being drafted into the military welcomed a change of pace and a shocking confirmation that life would never be the same again. In the military, Schulz developed the work ethic that caused his life-long success. He excelled as an infantryman, a staff sergeant, and the leader of a machine-gun squad. During his years in the service, Schulzs put most of his illustrating aside. However, he did decorate the soldiers ...

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