Thursday, November 14, 2019

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GEC ENGLISH CURRICULUM GUIDE & LESSON PLANS How to Use this Curriculum Guide This series of lessons and resources builds upon the Uganda English Language Curriculum of lower and upper primary Uganda syllabi. It offers students an opportunity to use critical thinking and challenges them to become more fluent in English. Emphasis and practice is centered on the receptive and productive skills of Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. In each lesson, students will practice the four skills for English fluency - Speaking (S), Writing (W), Reading (R) and Listening (L).Depending on individual learning needs of girls, each day, learning facilitators may concentrate on a different fluency rather than giving nearly equal time to each fluency. Where necessary, all skills can be given equal time. Learning activities should also be enhanced to be more difficulty or reduced for beginners. In addition, learning facilitators will see â€Å"facilitator’s choice† in some categories in the overview. This means the facilitator can assign homework or out of cl ass activities to address a given fluency or they can add an activity during class time that addresses the desired fluency. The facilitator is given flexibility based on the needs of the class. Resources needed for each lesson included in the folders for each week. The units integrate a variety of topics and current events so students are using English in contexts that apply to them. The lessons also address multiple learning styles to appeal to and engage a variety of learners. For reference purposes and more practice for the learners, English language set books 1-3 should be utilized. Individual learning is integral to the lessons in this unit and every learner in the CLC is expect... ...s with your co-teachers as they accomplish the tasks. 5. Assign practice and extension activities to learners from worksheets and practical English Ogundipe text. Homework: Facilitator’s choice. WEEK 5 Lesson objectives By the end of the week students should be able to; †¢ Apply words of quantity in their compositions and discussions. †¢ Use the different types of sentences in their writing. †¢ Identify and apply a variety of punctuation in their work. Teacher Prep: Be familiar with words of quantity and more punctuation marks. Materials: ï‚ § Notes & Worksheets on words of quantity. ï‚ § Practical English Ogundipe Bks 1-3 ï‚ § White board and markers. ï‚ § English language dictionaries. Procedures: 1 Begin this lesson by asking students to complete a writing task. Select according to students’ levels and abilities from the folder ELS Lower Secondary multiple tasks. 2 â€Æ'

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