Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Caffein Blues

Despite the short encounter between coffee and North American culture, coffee has gained popularity and gained worldwide reputation. It is not difficult to find a group of people drinking 'Latte Coffee' while reading a morning newspaper, or a group of business executives drinking 'dark barbecue'. On campus, students hold textbooks on the one hand and Mocha on the other hand. According to Starbucks, net profit in October 2005 alone reached $ 550 million (Starbucks). The origin of caffeine is unknown. However, Caffein Bruce: talks about the hidden dangers of waking up the first medicine in the United States, Steven Chernike, M. S, the story, and traces its discoveries to the house of Ethiopian ranch. Apparently, the shepherd is looking at a bird that eats the fruits of a wild evergreen shrub. To my surprise, these animals began to jump suddenly unexpectedly. Then he tried some fruits and began to jump immediately (13-14). They called it a coffee factory and became an Arab monk in the 1 3th century. Then they discovered that the beans of this plant can become drinks, so ... to make coffee. Finally, there is no longer any falling asleep when praying (Cherniske 14) American coffee addicts are more likely than any other type of drug addicts. In his book Caffeine Blues, Stephen Cherniske pointed out cocaine, heroin, even even marijuana. The main substance is caffeine. Does anyone know how much caffeine is contained in 6 ounce coffee? There are 100 mg. 1 cup of coffee or 6 oz of caffeine. People who care may think like this, 100 mg takes 6 hours. Looping away from the system. Starbucks' small coffee and tall coffee is 12 oz. It is caffeine 200 mg. If you are drinking Starbucks at 3 pm and then after 9 pm, you will still have about 100 mg in your system. You may still fall asleep, but your body will be deprived of the benefit of a deep sleep. People who care, I can still sleep 8 hours a day, you have to think again. That's why the next day you feel bad, you need to compe nsate for your system with caffeine. Caffeine Caffeine is a stimulant that can ruin our ability to fall asleep. Just because I think that it does not mean that it does not affect your body. If you want to drink coffee it is best to do so early in the day to allow caffeine to wear out. Please set a deadline for 2 PM for yourself. Electronic Devices Artificial light may interfere with sleeping, so you may stay up late at night by phone, laptop computer or television. It is best to keep these devices away from the bed or separate rooms so that your bedroom will be a place to sleep rather than surfing the internet.

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